Five Horrible Junctions

Here are my five most hated junctions on my route across south London.

1 Forest Hill: Forest hill junction

This one is terrible first thing in the morning. There are two lanes as you approach the junction next to Forest Hill station from Lewisham and they get a lot of use in the mornings. The traffic backs up from Waldram Place, along London Road, until it reaches the south circular. There can be a little impatience sometimes and it pays to keep well and truly focused. There is a turning as you approach the Forest Hill junction and a queue tends to form behind those wanting to turn left. Not all of the cars and lorries in the queue want to turn left, however, and there can sometimes be a few angry lane changes so be careful when negotiating a way through.

2 Streatham Hill: Streatham hill junction 2

There are four lanes to get across here and the traffic is very heavy most of the time. Also there is a bus depot with a steady stream of buses going in all directions. This is probably the one that I hate the most to be honest. There is a crossing further down the road but I never use it for some reason. Whether coming from the Wavertree road direction or the Telford Avenue direction it is not a pleasant junction to cross on a bike.

3 Telford Avenue, Streatham Hill:

This one doesn’t at first seem like a particularly dangerous roundabout but it depends on which direction you are approaching it. If you are approaching the roundabout from the west then you have to make sure that the cars coming from the left have seen you. Because the approach is on a hill you are lower than the cars until you are right in front of them. There is a blind spot for the motorists so it is a good idea to stand up and make your-self a bit taller.

4 Shannon Corner, New Malden: Shannons corner

A particularly horrible roundabout no matter which way you approach it. The Kingston by-pass towers overhead and vehicles come on and off the slip roads very fast. Luckily it is traffic light controlled on all but one of the junctions which makes it a little less daunting. There is a cycle path which takes you safely around it if you don’t fancy tackling the road.

5 Fountain Roundabout, New Malden: Fountain roundabout 3

This one is just a bit further along from Shannon Corner. It does get very busy and the traffic tends to back up on the roundabout making it difficult to cross sometimes. A crossing off of one of the junctions is the main cause of the back-up and there are a few drivers who are unwilling to yield any space.

These are just the junctions I find to be the most dangerous on my route to and from Kingston. There are far worse ones in London but they all need a little common sense and diligence when using them.


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